Happy Holidays from Germany

The Black Postcards would like to send some good holiday wishes from Deutchland! Well, I would anyways, since the rest of the band is back stateside preparing for some live dates coming up in 2012! What am I doing in Germany you say? Well, I am here on official business submitting a promo pack to Germany’s finest independent record label for American bands, City Slang Records! Yes, I will attempt to get our music into the hands of some top record executives (or at least someone’s administrative assistant) in the coming weeks. Did I really need to come all the way to Germany to do this? Well, no… My girlfriend just happens to be from Hamburg and we’re here visiting her family over Christmas. I just thought it would be fun and definitely worth it to travel to Berlin for a couple days before New Year’s, do some touristy sight seeing and stop in for a visit at City Slang! Keep your fingers crossed; I will for sure be crossing all my fingers and toes! I will keep you posted…

Happy Holidays – Peace and Love in the New Year!!!

Black Postcards – Adam Brinkman

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