About our Music


We will be finalizing the mix on our first full-length on August 9th and then on to mastering with David Glasser at Airshow Mastering! Release Date 11/13/2012!!

Denver-based Black Postcards is an experimental indie rock band consisting of multi-instrumentalist Adam Brinkman, guitarist Candace Horgan, singer Justin Newport, and drummer Brian Estep. Their music has been described as, in a word, “indescribable.”

The group was formed by Adam and Candace in 2010. The two had previously played and recorded music coast to coast, and had performed together in other groups. They began writing and recording in Adam’s home studio, which would later become the home of independent label Basement Flat Records. Adam played bass, keys, drums, and rhythm guitar, while Candace added most of the lead guitar parts and some keys.

After a year of developing the catchy hooks that form the basis of the band’s sound, the two sought a vocalist to tie it all together. Enter Justin Newport. Justin was on a musical hiatus from the business that had been his life for the better part of six years. After touring the U.S. and making his home in New York, Justin relocated to Colorado and began searching out his final attempt at creating something truly original. From the first audition at Basement Flat Records, the three had an unmistakable connection. Adam and Candace had over 10 songs completely written, arranged, and recorded, and Justin began to add lyrics and melodies to the first three songs that would later make up the band’s debut EP, “Inside the Shadow Box.”

The trio decided to move into a professional studio to finish recording and mixing its music, choosing Grammy-winning Airshow Mastering in Boulder, Colo., to finalize the album, working for nearly a year with the talented James Tuttle for mixing and legendary David Glasser for mastering. As of August 2012, the band had its mixed and mastered full-length debut album “Light at the End” in hand, and is looking to release it in November 2012. From the first song “Heart Destroy” and its opening phrase “Soul and heart’s been torn apart” tugging at the heart strings, to the mystical “Time’s End,” which is a cat-and-mouse take on the end of the world that reminds us too “Keep burning, the world’s still turning,” the record is full of memorable hooks and lyrics.  The band is currently releasing its music on Brinkman’s label, Basement Flat Records, and is seeking broader label representation and publishing opportunities for the U.S. and European markets.

While in the studio, the band added drummer Brian Estep and the live performance began to take shape. Brian is a truly professional drummer with a talent level that even exceeds the size of his drum kit, which rivals that of Carter Beauford and Neal Peart. In their short existence, the foursome has shared the stage with numerous national acts passing through Colorado, including The Silent Comedy, 7 Horse, and Lez Zeppelin.

Whether it is on a historical stage in Denver or a music festival in the mountains, one thing is for sure: the Black Postcards will leave you wanting more and driving home trying to figure out who they sound like. The band thinks that is the best endorsement of their creativity, and asks themselves that after every new song.