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Happy New Year’s

Have a safe and Happy New Year’s! We are currently getting ready to take the new year by storm with our full-length album coming out in March, live shows on the horizon and a lot of promotional efforts in the works! We greatly appreciate your support!

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Radio play!!

Yesterday, KGNU Community Radio in Boulder played our song Shadow Box from our new EP, Inside the Shadow Box. Keep listening to KGNU to hear Shadow Box and other songs from the EP. KOTO Community Radio in Telluride will be playing tracks from the EP on December 29. Listen here to our radio debut!! Thanks […]

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Happy Holidays from Germany

The Black Postcards would like to send some good holiday wishes from Deutchland! Well, I would anyways, since the rest of the band is back stateside preparing for some live dates coming up in 2012! What am I doing in Germany you say? Well, I am here on official business submitting a promo pack to […]

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What is a Black Postcard anyways?

Well, from doing a little search on the glorious phenomenon called the inter-web, I recently discovered that Black Postcards are not only linked to events and works in pop culture, but also history. First let’s checkout the pop culture… You are here reading this post, so obviously Black Postcards (the band) is working its way […]

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Find Us On Facebook!

Yes, the Black Postcards are on Facebook just like the rest of the world! Find us, like us, find our band members and help spread the word! The reach of the Black Postcards has just begun. We are a new band branching out into a sea of thousands and we need your help! ¬†CLICK – […]

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